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wiring zetec into mk3


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hi im putting a zetec engine in my mk3 cab, ive found various guides on internet on the wiring side of things but all the colours on the multi plug they have listed to where they go hasnt been the same on my loom!!


i like a challenge so im using a loom and engine out of a mk6 escort gti with pats.. i can bypass the pats no problem! but just need help in wiring the multi plug to the car loom


it is a 12 pin plug with 12 wires


i know they have to go to:



pin2-rev counter

pin3-fuel pump relay

pin4-ign live

pin5-ign live for lamba sensor

pin6-perm live

pin7-oil pressure light

pin8-ign live for engine sensors

pin9-water temp gauge





im just not sure on the colour of the wires and if the above is correct as this is based on the mk5 zetec loom and not the mk6..


can someone please guide me in the right correction? this is the only thing holding me back on the conversion now!! cheers


oh btw. the escort gti lump aint the standard 115ps one :P ive also got a rs1800 lump with uprated cams and loads of otherbits.. im doing a mix and match on parts as the gti lump done alot less miles and hasnt been thrashed unlike the rs1800 engine. im hoping for around 140bhp anyway

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