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Ford Escort 1.4


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Sadly i've had a knock and my old escort is a write off.


After some cash through the post im looking for a new one, no higher cc than 1400 however im looking for a model that has been tweaked with, mainly alloys and the escort spoiler.


Preferably GTi Rep's. I'm not looking for a fancy done up car. Just fed up of hub caps and i think the spoilers make the car.


Looking for something with a decent mileage on it, don't really want to push 80,000 unless a good price is at hand, my budget is around 1000 pounds so please post away your cars for sale, and please include pictures.


Also i live in Buckinghamshire outside London, so this would be a bonus if you lived near by.


Please get in touch via this thread or email - Jackm5@hotmail.co.uk then i will further try to book a viewing in with you.


Thanks alot - Jack

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