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Remote key or not?


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Hi all


Is there anyone on the site that could tell me if my car is compatable with remote opening? The car is a 1997 TD estate. The chassis No



I have the red master key and also a spare black key with the red chip in. If it is possible, can I program the remote key?


Will the key be the later type (3 button oval) as used on the Mondeo,Focus,Ka ect? I know some of the remotes use a differant chip so how can you tell the differance?


Any input would be great thanks.



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Only certain fuseboxes had the required pins for remote locking.

It works off the electric sunroof loom you see, and it needs to have 4 pins going into the fusebox for it to work.

Then you need a remote key with the red chip in it.


Remote key;

RCL Module (replaces CL module);

Interior light with "eye";

Electric sunroof loom.

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