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Corn Snake (male) & Viv - SOLD


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With deep regret I am selling my amel corn snake.


Just had him sexed and he is a male corn His name is Magners (cos of his colour).


He is 3 years old and is about 4 and a half foot.






I am selling him with his viv and everything that goes with it.






Everything you need, however there is no thermostat. Water bowl, hides, aesthetic contents and heat bulb setup is included. I will also throw in two bags of substrate.


I have a log featuring shed records and feeding records.


Now, I will not sell this to anyone buying him on a whim. I want him to go to a good home, where he will be cared for. He is fine when handled, can take a bit to settle down with new people. He is used to me holding him and is good as gold, so will be the same when used to the new owner. He never bites!


I am located in Carnforth, near Lancaster, obviously no postage, collection only. I can deliver, but only short distances.


I am wanting £140 ono for Magners and his viv.


Again, I wont sell to someone who wont look after him.

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