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2006 - Present


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Mine and the partners cars:


Started out with a 1.4lt Ford Escort Encore which was a completely horrid car, it got sold very quickly.



Ford KA 1.3lt - Partners first car that got written off by a driver going through a red light.



1.8 Petrol Mondeo GLX. I loved this car until it was vandalised.



Ford KA 1.3lt - Partners car that's been sold



Fiat Punto 1.1lt - Partners car that's been sold



Ford Escort 1.8TD - Had it for 3 years now and put 30k on the clock. Its a rust bucket but keeps passing the MOT's and costs me nothing. The car will be kept and used often, especially for shopping trips and to go to other places we would rather not take the Audi.



Present - Audi A3 1.6TD, We got it delivered yesterday and already put a few 100 miles onto the clock. The car is completely incredible in every way, and for a 1.6 its amazing how fast it gets up to speed and cruises effortlessly.


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