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mk6 morrette headlights and rs2k recaros


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Now i may regret this but time to sell them on


That picture is with the old lights


Brand new outer lights

I also have a pair of mint inner lights but no wiring for them or i have air feeds to replace them




Now i want £200 for them yes steep but they are worth it, once painted they will look good on any car.

Now This is going to kill me but i like these seats so much but its time to let them go


If more pictures are required ill take some iam after £120 for them i also have either 3 or 4 door cards to match them


So alls you will need to get hold of is a rear bench £40 for these,


postage is offered on the twin headlights and the door cards at extra cost


All items are located in St helens Mersyside

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Hi, you not willing to post the seats? bit to far for me to collect, cash waiting if their minters

Im not willing to post them but if you want to arrange collection I have no problem with that. The only problem on these seats is the plastic by the seat base is cracked on both seats a common problem from what I have seen

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