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Breaking 5dr mk5 1.6 mk5a rs2k dark blue


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Hi, ive got this to break, not planning on breaking it completly unless someone wants the parts straight away, everything works one the car, was planning to scrap with the engine and box in although they are in all in good working order i dont really wanna completly strip this car. Will only have this car for 1 -2 weeks, will be taking off most of the parts listed below and the rest will be scrapped.


Im in Bowers Gifford, Essex, SS12, contact me on 07851 570856, can post everything apart from the engine, does have magnec cat back but already sold.



Standard exhaust cat to rear box £10

Standard rear box £10

mk5 rs2000 bonnet £40

mk5 rs2000 front bumper £40

GTi rear spats £15

Half tinted rear lights (done with spray) £15 for all

Also have fully tinted rear lights £10 for all

Tailgate without spoiler £30

Black gti spoiler £15

Badly painted rear gti spoiler £8

Lockset all on one key with ecu and transponder £35

Fuse box £20

Rocker cover £10

Doors £15 each, passenger front one has been bent before

Mk5 rs2000 steering wheel £20

Rs2000 grill £15

Standard mk5 headlights £10 each or £15 pair

Amber indicators £5 pair

Rad £10

Starter £10

Alternator £10


anything else just ask





















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i take rocker cover



ok posted or collected?


i take rocker cover


I need the two front doors and a glove box hinge please?



shouldnt be a prob, passenger front door has been bent before tho


glove box door hinge £3


i mite end up scrapping this car today as i need the space


This car has a full magnex cat back exhaust system on it which is now back up for sale due to timewaster


£120 collected or £135 posted

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half tints 15 quid posted ?



sorry had a proper look and one of the lights was broken so threw them



Had to scrap this yesturday as was in the way, prices below are for here, if no1 wants anything then ill be putting them on ebay


Have for sale:

Spats £15

Magnex £120

Standard cat back exhaust £10 for middle and £10 for rear box

ECU, pats receiver and locks all on 1 key £35

Indicator stalk £10

RS2000 bonnet £30

Front bumper £30

Fuel Pump £20

PAS reservior £10

Header tank £10

Strut brace £10

Fully tinted rear lights £10 for all 4 parts

Colour coded door handles £15 set of 4

Wing mirrors £15 pair

RS2000 steering wheel £20

Fuse box £20

Rs2000 grill £15

Black gti spoiler £15

Badly painted rear gti spoiler £8

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