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The current ride has taken a good beating over the last few months (it's a cheapo, yet fairly light solid frame thing).


Now winter is upon us, the beating + snow has caused some issues.


Mainly after:

* Pedals (if I can't get the metal pedals off my Muddy Fox). - Bearings have died on mine, they are plastic and need binning.

* Tyres (or complete sets) - 26" - Some good, cheap 26"2.2 tyres with good tread would be great.

* V-Brake Pads (would normally only trust new... but the bike is getting replaced with another 26" wheeled, disc brake bike in just over 2 weeks - Pedals and tyres will come in handy but brakes won't)


Any other parts may as well be offered, I'll have forgotten something... :rolleyes:


Must be local to Mirfield (near Huddersfield etc), West Yorkshire


Please also state prices... "Make me an offer" is just awkward.

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