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3m compounding heads


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pictures of 3m compounding heads and part numbers and a 3m sanding block, thought they would be of use for reference.




this is a 3m finesse it hand sanding pad used for nibbing imperfections from paint, ideal if you have touched in a stone chip and want to nib it back a bit then polish it, part number for this is 13441. the pack pictured with it is the pads which are sticky, they are really fine so polish up really easy, part no finesse it trizact a5 film discs 50079




3m compounding head part number 50487, for use with 3m fast cut plus or any other compund really.




3m high gloss pad perfect it 3 part no 50488,


for use with 3m ultra fine compound or finesse it, g10 or similar compounds to achieve a high gloss



3m high gloss pad part no 50388.


for use with 3m ultra fina se or dodo juice lime prime etc will give really high gloss

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