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Recaro seat covers and foam bolsters

Russ T Bitz

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I work for a company which exclusively makes tailored seat covers for Recaro seats - forget your Halfords set, these fit like a glove. We can embroider any logo you want on them too for a fee.


We're also the only company that sells replacement foam bolsters for Recaros so if yours are a bit sagging we can get them feeling like new again. We also sell Recaro sports seats as well. If you're in the Leicester area we can even repair fag burns, rips etc as well as sorting out convertible hoods.


In case it Pees the mods off I won't post the company name unless they OK it but here's the deal - get 10 or more orders together and we'll sort you out a decent discount which will rise if more orders are placed.


Lower bolsters (the ones that go against your thighs - £30.78

Upper outer backrest foams - £48.84

Tailored protective seat covers - around £43 (depending on which model Recaro seat you have)


PM me if anyone wants more info :)

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