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Stealth shelf with Sony Xplod 6x9's for Escort Mk5/6

gan ainm

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Hi all


It's been a long time since I was on this forum I'm afraid - not since my much loved Escort was written off by some idiot ploughing into the rear end.


Ever since then I have kept this stealth shelf that I made for the car, with the help of a friend in the motor trade, but it looks like I'll not get an Escort again, so time to sell it!


Despite it being home made, it looks good and works really well. Made from MDF, covered with graphite grey acoustic cloth, and has hinge fitments taken from a standard shelf. Fitted with Sony Xplod XS-F693G 6x9 speakers (4 ohm, 220 W peak power, 50 W rated power). Over time it has developed a slight bow, but this didn't notice too much when in place.


Price - £25


Pick-up from me near Crediton, Devon.


Send me a PM if interested. Photos available.

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