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rs2000 loom info


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hi guy need a little info on a loom for a mk6 rs2000


im just away to buy a new van with a rs2000 fitted but the loom it is running is an edis4, the van runs spot on and pulls very well but doesnt tick over that good.


and info or idea on this loom bn used in the van?


would i be best to put a full mk6 rs2000 loom in it or leave it as it is?




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Common thing associated with a blown head is you sometimes get a wooshing sound of water in the passenger foot well when revving/accelerating


I remember seeing a guy that lived out back of my house with a chavvy shitheap xr3i with the most ropey bodged rs2k conversion youd have ever seen using....






As an idle control valve :( :( :( :(


Had it attached to the pipe that runs to the inlet manifold where the old ICV was. Could have slapped him :(

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