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Not an Escort, But still a Ford!


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So after sticking my Mk6 Up for sale because i wanted something other than a Ford.. I ended up trading my Mk6 Mexico for...


Another Ford :rolleyes:


What can i say! I love Fords :D


Did a straight swap for a 1999 Ford Cougar, 2L Zetec. My dads had a V6 Cougar for 5 years now and i love it, ive driven it a few times, Due to insurance at my age and overall running costs i went for a 2L Zetec, They're far from Gutless also, common misconception, The Cougar actually weighs less than the Mondeo of the same year :)


Anyhow some info,

1999 Ford Cougar

-2L Zetec, 89K On the clock when i got it

-Terrible paintwork and a wrong coloured bumper! :(

-Terribly curbed alloys/Bald tyres


The car was looking fairly sorry for itself!

Picture of when i got it:




So far i have done the following:

-New front bumper in the correct colour :D

-New set of C1 Cougar alloys with new tyres, won em for £130 on the bay :)

-All over t-cut and a few good polishes, rescued as much of the paint as i can


-Generally drove and enjoyed it, Covered 1K Miles in the first month :D


Here's how it stands now :)






Things still to do:

-Underseal it completely

-New ARB Bushes Front/Rear - Got them just haven't fitted yet :)

-Respray the bad bits of paint

-New discs/pads rear



After owning 3 Escorts ive got to say its a massive change, Its so tight to drive compared to all the Escorts ive had, It sits really low and handles really well standard, shame its not a V6 but still plenty of poke :)


Will update this thread as i get stuff done on it.

-Induction Kit

-Possible new exhaust if i can find one i want.

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