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A small break through!


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Hi ppl,got a bit pissed off today,the old escort started to kangeroo :nutter: so i decided to sort the bloody problem,after some research on the old web nothing came up(typical)so broke out the old haynes manual,after 45 mins of reading about emission control etc etc,i found a paragraph about the old evap canister,turns out the sodding purge solerniods are crap,this causes...wait for it....idle problems,stalling and poor driveability(in our own words the car runs like crap and rough as fxxx :vangry: ,so went to salvage yard found a w reg escort 1.6,so £10 lighter i put it on and surprise,surprise its sound again. :thumb: This is for ppl who have had the same problem or have the problem,its easy to do no spanners or sockets required just a good pair of pliers,hope this helps alot!:)
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