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one touch window relays


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after reading various topics on how to wire in the relays to add one touch up/down to both pass and drivers windows i was left confused.

most show mondeo wiring plugs and circuits which do not match the escort mk6 loom for switch and wire colours.

so here goes my guide to fit the relays.

1. you will need one relay and relay holder for each one touch direction.(four relays for both pass and drivers to be one touch up/down)


2. remove centre console from car (one screw in rear(phillips head) and four ten mm (socket size) nuts.

best to put seats fully back to ease removal.


3.leave ignition off to stop power reaching the wires your working on.(disconnect battery if you want to be really sure).


4. remove the tape that secures the wires together on loom to allow you to seperate the wires for ease of working with them.


5. identify your wires.

drivers circuit for window motors/switch-: violet/blue is live feed to switch/motor,

black is earth wire,

yellow is the window up circuit,

white is the window down circuit.


passengers circuit for window motors/switch-: violet/white is live feed to switch/motor,

black is earth,

yellow/violet is window up circuit,

white/violet is window down circuit.


6.connecting live/earth feeds, simply slice wires into existing loom with either scotchlock connectors or bare the wire and solder the new wires into loom, then insulate wires.

for each relay used connect its black wire (position one on relay) to the black earth wire already fitted to loom.

for each relay used connect the violet/black wire (position two on relay) to the exisiting live feed wire in loom.


7. up or down circuits.

to connect to up cicuit you need to cut the wire of what ever side your doing, (yellow for drivers side and yellow/violet for pass side) now connect the wire from relay white/black (position three on relay) to the switch side of the wire you cut, and connect the white wire from relay (position five on relay) to the motor side of wire you cut.


if relays are all sourced from a mk6 escort drivers down circuit then all wires from relay will be same as above no matter what position you are fitting it to your escort.


so all you need to do is splice in two wires, one for earth, one for live feed. and cut one wire for each circuit you want to be one touch.


please be aware that i will not be held responsible for any problems or damage caused by anyone following this guide.

it worked for me, i fiktted one touch up on drivers ansd one touch down on passengers windows.

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