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Discount Available for Fuel Injector Servicing


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I offer fuel injector cleaning and servicing via post. This service restores engine performance and fuel economy lost through day-to-day use.


If this forum has enough interest in my service then I am happy to provide it at a reduced rate for site members.


Our service restores injector performance to 'as new' specification - something which will typically improve both fuel economy and horsepower in older and high-mileage engines We can also diagnose and repair some injectors that are causing running problems).


Presently, our charge for members is only £10 for most petrol injectors - a saving of £2.50 per injector from our normal fee. This price includes the fitting of new service parts where available (o-rings, filters, pintle caps etc, and a before/after test report for each injector). At some point this discount will reduce to a flat rate of 10% in harmony with other owner's clubs that we support.


Members making use of this discount should inform me of their site ID when making contact, and the injectors they send for servicing must be OEM fitment to any forum-specific model. Members must have been supporting the forum for a minimum of 3 months to benefit from this discount.


You can contact us though our website, which contains a great deal more information about how fuel injectors work, our services, tuning parts and actual feedback from car enthusiasts such as yourself:




All we need to know is your site ID, how many injectors you require servicing, what vehicle/engine/year and the email address to make a PayPal money request to. We will then reply to you with the address to post your injectors to.


You can also email us directly:




This video demonstrates our service in greater depth:



I am happy to answer your questions relating to our service and fuel injection in general. We aim to reply to webmail within 24 hours.


Treat your engine to a new lease of life!


James :)

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