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1986 mk4 escort estate - 1.8 zetec


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1986 mk4 escort estate

10 months MOT

5 months tax

1.8 16v silver top zetec


Ok, please let me start by saying that I am in no rush to get rid of my escort so I won't accept any silly offers. Appologies if that sounds a bit abrupt.:rolleyes:


This is a very clean example of a mk4 and has had a lot of time and money spent on it. There are afew members here who can vouch for the condition.:thumb:


It has a 1.8 zetec (1230 spec HO inlet etc) engine fitted so it is pretty quick. It has had a new front wing, inner wing, and repair to a seat mount and front panel. All this work has been carried out to an extremely high standard by Medway RS Centre. I have detailed photos of all the work in various stages.


It also has S1 Rs alloy wheels, 80 spec recaro interior, CD player, re carpeted boot and seat backs.


S2 rs turbo brakes and running gear


In the last 6 months it has also had;


-new engine mount

-new gearbox mounts

-the whole engine loom has been removed, stripped, re wired and put back, it can be completely removed from the car in minutes and the ecu now resides in the glove box. All plugs and wires not required for the conversion have been completely removed so there are no plugs hanging around in the engine bay.


Pic of th amount of wires/plugs removed;:eek::thumb:



-full service, oil, oil filter, gearbox oil, coolant flush, spark plugs, air filter etc

-new MAF

-new cam sensor

-new icv

-new discs and pads

-new brake shoes

-new water pipe and fan switch

-new 3 piece clutch kit


There is more than likely lots that I have forgotten to mention.


Now to the bad points,


-there is a small dent on the tail gate

-it is quite bumpy to drive

-early 1986 so no rear seat belts


She is 26 years old and is in fantastic condition, very nippy, very cheap to insure (£120 a year on classic insurance) and being on efi, will start when your s1 wont:finger::saythat:


The headlight protectors ARE NOT included











Please ask if you have any questions 07581059831, viewing welcome and highly recommended.:thumb:


1795 of your finest pounds ONO


Located in gillingham, kent





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