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Ford Escort 1.4 LX


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Here for sale is my Ford Escort 1.4 LX. I have only owned this car since the beginning of November, but I have already done 2000 miles in it, and it is a fantastic car to drive. It has no faults mechanically, and only needs a suspension arm bush replacing before it's MOT at the end of January.


It has done a genuine 40,000 miles, recently serviced with new oil, plugs, filters and checks. Interior is in immaculate condition, as is the majority of the body work. There is a small dent on the bonnet, which isn't noticeable unless looked at from a certain angle in direct sunlight. There is a larger dent on the passenger side wing which also isn't greatly noticeable on first glance. The rear bumper has been chipped, but doesn't affect any of the fittings and is only a small repair job with some filler and a spray can (Colour is Ford State Met Blue), and there are a couple scuffs on the bumpers but nothing worth paying attention too.


Being a 1.4, it's cheap to run, cheap to insure (Practically peanuts for the majority of people), and is amazing on fuel. I've had no problems keeping up on the motorway at all, it's a great car.


Previous owner was an old lady, and I've only ever used the car for work so it's never been hammered in it's entire life. I did a 300 mile round trip to north west Wales and back, with luggage and 4 passengers and it never missed a beat.


Still has the original radio cassette player, which works very well for the radio, and I use a cassette adapter to plug into my phone for MP3s (Do people even own CDs anymore?).


Reason for sale is very simple, my insurance is cheaper for a 1.6 Si. It's a higher spec car with a little extra power so I thought, why not.


Viewing can be arranged during the week or during the day on weekends, test drives are welcomed. You are bidding to BUY. Can be driven away no problems.


Call 07857 247 666 or text. I will not accept offers under the starting price of £399, but I MAY be tempted to part-ex or swap with a vehicle that meets my preferences and insurance budget demands.




MOT/Tax - 31st Jan 2013



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