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Toyota Carina II 2.0 Executive 5 Door - Family sized


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I know it says £649 on the advert and your thinking... "Really?" - But on Gumtree you always need to aim a bit higher than you want.


I've been offered £550 by a long list of car dealers wanting it for export (apparently these are very popular in Africa, India and pretty much any developing country due to the price and reliability).


If an Evo member matches that, I'll be much happier as it would suit as a family car for those strapped for cash!

(or a heavy footed guy looking for something above 100bhp without a huge insurance premium)


- For insurance, try classic car policies like Lancaster - Try and quote for a laugh and post the results! (include the premium price for your current car also)


Advert says Lancashire but I'm between houses at the moment in the process of moving (from near Huddersfield to near Burnley) - I can be in either county with the car on most weekends!


Did I mention the reg plate spells GEEZA and has been valued at £500? ;)

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