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Header Tank Cracking


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As title says, Dragged my Escort Ghia Cabrio out of storage and jump started it and left it to run for a while.


Put some air in the tyres. One wouldnt inflate so went and put it back in storage.


As I reversed in, steam came from under bonnet. Stopped and Looked and somehow header tank had cracked at an unusual place. Jumped in quick and reversed to her parking space, turned engine off and left bonnet open for a good while, and tried to undo header tank bit by bit to let pressure out.


Googled it, But nothing relating to Escorts. Just pressure or age related.


Noticed temp gauge wasnt working, Cant remember if it did when I brought it.


Hope itsnt related to HGF/Cracked head or Block issues??


May not be related but struggled to find cold idle at start, but after a while settled to a nice 750/800rpm.

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