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HTC Desire C


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Evening all.


Got some trouble with this one. I got it for Christmas, it's been great so far, i've now come to put music on it from my PC and it's not having any of it.


I've downloaded HTC Sync Manager but when i try to install, it says "HTC Installation Driver failed, do you want to continue installation?" I've been through google but nothing seems to be helping me out.


If i do finish the installation i can't go on 'Sync settings' as it's greyed out,


So, does anyone know how to sort this out, or a way to sync music without the need of this software.




Also just to add. If i put the phone in Storage mode my PC recognizes it as a normal removable disk, i can get pictures on and off it this way but i can't find a music folder.




Never mind, done it.



Close please.

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