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1997 Escort MK6 Serenade,Pepper Red, 5 Door Hatchback, 42,000 Miles, S


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Unfortunately, the time has come for me to part company with my very first car. It means a lot to me because my granddad bought it brand new almost 20 years ago to the day & I still remember walking home from school & seeing him in it. When my granddad bought another car 5 years later my mum bought it off him & then when I passed my test i bought it off my mum. I would find any excuse to get in the car & drive & when I turned 21 I was asked what I wanted & for a while I wanted my Escort to be like the GTI because a white one used to stop opposite where I live on a Saturday & the more I saw it the more I wanted it to look like it. I bought a boot spoiler, side skirts, bumper spats & a front splitter but none of them was genuine & didn't fit very good so I opted for the genuine Ford parts instead. I also bought some 16" cosworth style alloys because the real ones were & still are very expensive. A few years later I had to nave some new shock absorbers so while I had the opportunity I also got some 60mm lowering springs & when I first saw it I was so pleased but I didn't think of it practically so every speed bump there was a scrape & the ride was quite firm but it was a compromise I was willing to take.


Everything was fine until I was told the clutch was starting to slip but for a while I couldn't feel any difference but then I did & not long after it had more or less given up, one day it just started steaming from under the driver side wheel arch & into the interior a bit. Was also losing water & I was told it was the dreaded head gasket that had gone. Luckily my granddad let me use his as he wasn't driving it as much as he used to & I thought the Escort could become a bit of a project car to learn on & gradually do up which is what my mum always regretted about selling her white Escort MK4. It was the ideal car to make into an RS Turbo replica (my dream car) but a few things have happened lately which has made me think a lot & put things into perspective & realise that I don''t think I will ever get this car up & running again & even though I do still like cars, it isn''t as much as I used to be & there there's more important things to worry about than a set of fancy wheels which is why I have decided that now is the time to move on.


The head gasket has gone but I'm not sure to what extent & the bodywork all over has seen better days but anyone with a bit of knowhow, knowledge & patience could see the potential in this. I have a brand new genuine Ford front bumper & grill I am happy to include along with the original back bumper which was removed when damaged but kept incase. This has been filled & sanded down a bit ready for a new pair of genuine Ford bumper spats as the current ones are just replicas. I have a fibreglass cosworth front splitter & hockey sticks which I was hoping to modify & fit which I will also include if wanted along with the original 14" steel wheels. The tyres currently on the car are Yokohama S-Drive & haven't done that many miles but have wear on the inside. I think a combination of tracking & having it lowered may have contributed to this happening. I have a front & rear strut brace which I would include, a genuine Ford CD player which was new when i bought it & not fitted long before. I still have the original cassette player if desired & I also have a full service kit. As well as that I also have the brand newold stock clutch clutch & a few other spare bits & pieces.


It may sound like this car has got a a lot of negatives but if you have the knowledge, knowhow & patience, it wouldn't take much to get this car up & running again. Just to make it clear, the car IS NOT driveable & would need to be towed or placed on trailer & needs to be taken away as a whole but anyone wishing to come & view is more than welcome to.


I think I have given you all the information required but if you have any questions then please don't hesitate betting in touch.


Thank you.

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