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2015 Triumph street triple R white (rx)


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Hi guys, just bought a 3 door mk6 so i'd like freshen it up.  As "i've" just had my second baby to ease the mrs i'm selling my bike to show willing.  As title 2015 white street triple R ABS i've also done an RX conversion which is to put a daytona seat section on it like the factory RX version but mine is crystal white instead of the dull grey.  It's got a racefit titanium exhaust and a few genuine triumph extras.  It was a Jack Lilley demo bike which I then bought and its only ever been looked after by them.  I'll check the miles later as i've been off work on paternity leave.  Offers around £7300.  PM if you're interested and I can send pics over phone or email dunno what's going on with photobucket.

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