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2 x Siemens SL55. Both in the sought after Rubin Red, with box and charger. £100 each. siemens-sl55-slide-open-side.jpg


1 x Nokia 6100. Colour screen, polyphonic ringtones. Excellent phone, small and light. With box and chrager. £80 ea_1.JPG


1 x Nokia 8310. Tiny little phone and light. In good condition. With Box and charger. £30

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Might well be interested in that 8310 as a spare for myself, is thats £30 posted mate?


Can i just ask if it is your mobile straight from a shop, or if it has 'unknown history' i.e. from ebay etc with the associated risk of being barred later? All accessories with it (handsfree kit, manual etc?) and is anything apart from the replacable facias damaged, like the main plastic of the phone? Shouldn't be a problem if it is locked as I can unlock in seconds, but good to know in advance if it is?



Ta mate :cheers: :thumb:



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