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Anyone fancy this


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this is copied from another forum, the girl who is organising it asked me to post it here


We're organising a big meet for the 26th September in Swindon, it should be a good turnout would be awesome to see some support from you guys. Remember the more of you that come, and likewise with other sites, the bigger it's going to be.


What we want to see is as many clubs there as possible, with your own areas and you are welcome to advertise advertise advertise! Bring your own banners, fliers, promotion girls - we want a real party atmosphere not just a standard "cruise"


We have already booked the food catering, so that's sorted out - all we need is you!


Let me know if you're going to show and I'll post you convoy locations!


You'll be pleased to hear we've just booked Wroughton Airfield for the day and night!


Entry will a small fee to pay for the land! Just a couple of quid please pre-order your tickets!!!!!!!



All clubs must order and pay for their tickets through their club owner by the 15th September - any late orders will have to pop into Aztec Audio's on Ferndale Road, Swindon and collect the tickets in person!


Please spread the word we have space for thousands!




Im happy to arrange club space if anyone wants to go

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