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c**p clutch etc


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just thought id let you all know how close to kicking my car i am-took it in for a cam belt and clutch witch cost me £260-when i got it back the zorst was rattling and the paformance wernt there-checked under the bonnet and the weires to the lamber sencer were snapped-the replaced that but said it werent them but would have to come back to day for the zorst-thay sorted that but when i got home i found that oil was p***ing out every were from what looks to b near the inlet-so now its sat on the drive till monday when the garage opens. gonna have a word with the manager-if anything else goes wrong im getting a new car-i ve had enough of it- :vangry: :vangry: :vangry:
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got it back from the garage-was the rocker cover gasket-but not the cars running s**t-under 2000rpm-feels like the brakes on slightly and when u come off the throttle when its out of gear it keeps on trying to stall-DOES any one have any ideas-its getting on my nearves-any help would be GREAT-cheers peeps :vangry:
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