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Now then everybody! I am the one with the blue Mk5 XR31 130 spec that went to the rolling road a couple of months ago with kev, ian, mike b etc. I have only just got hooked back up to the internet and would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone who said the excellent things about my car when mike put it up. I really didn't think it would get such a good response. I was feeling quite depressed for a coule of weeks now as i was driving home when two of my piston rings gave up, those who were at the rollers know she was under powered and piston slack was why! She pushed all the oil through the exhaust causing a fire in the exhaust. But, she is undergoing surgery and will soon be breathing 2.1 Zetec Turbo power. Seeing what people have said has put a massive smile back on my face. Also, my baby was at ford fair, and once again, the Escort Evo stand was banging. Oh, yeah, K3V, Paying 3.5k a year to insure her is worth every penny!! Thanks again!!
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