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squeeking noise


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Since I have put my new wheels on everytime the car get a bit hot there is a squeeking noise coming from the steering. When I turn the steering slightly to the left it squeeks when I turn it to the wright it stops. Nothing is rubbing behind the wheel or tyre cos I checked last night. Any ideas, thought it might be the lower arm squeeking but not sure.


ideas welcome




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Brake noise mate, do as rob said, If it was a lower arm there would be a clunking over bumpers, Steering could feel slack and there could be a creaking sound.

I get clunking over bumps but I had my suspension arms replaced. My old car did it but i assumed that was because of the lowered suspension. any ideas what else it could be X( ?(

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Track rod ends? Nothing else it can really be barring a knackered shock. Id be able to tell if i was in it. I just spent £300 on my escort giving it a full brake/suspension overhaul. RS Disks and new calipers, Brake pipes, Lower arms, ARB link bars and ARB bushes, Trackrod ends, Rear drums/ cylinders/shoes etc. That sort of iradicated all the noises that were there when i bought the car lol. Cant stand a car than knocks, squeeks when your driving it.
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