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FAO: people with front window tints


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i have try them all dark , super dark , and you know what i have always been

pulled over by the coppers , so when i got my latest car i did something

different i put on a really nice tint film its a little bit dark and then i did the

windows darker in the back and in the back really dark. if you do it that way the car will look nice and the coppers wont even thinking about your front windows

being a little more darker , i had this for 5 years now and have never been pulled over for the tint



hope that help ya M8 8)

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As far as i know proper window tint companies arn't allowed to tint the front windows any more, which is a major pain in the arse...........so if you do really want a tinted fron either do it your self in a light tint, or call a mobile window tinter, they are more willing to tind the front...............just don't go MAD!!!!

hope it helps

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i know a company that will do what ever tints you want, you just have to sign saying you know they are illegal!! :D i got stopped for mine the other night, first time ever, he put one of those machines on and it came up as 30% and he said they should be 75% on the front, told me to go home and scratch it off and if he caught me again he would do me and empound my car till i took them off!! 8o Edited by rachyxx
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