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s1 rst


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hello my brothers girlfriend wonts 2 get rid ov her series 1.its just had a engin rebuild b4 nathinal day coz it was on the stand,engins good at about 180bhp, new brakes dics,not long ago had the kit sprayed, full servic history and got a pic from wen it 1st cam out ov the factory,lookin 4 offers around £2300 or close 2 it


if u need 2 know nethink else msg me and ill get bk 2 ya





cheers matty :thumb:

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:nutter: ok chang that she wonts 2 sell her orion rst. its got a full cozzzie kit on it blacked out windows 17"momos its got cozzie dics and brakes the engin is a fiesta turbo thats sitting at about 185bhp this engin got built about a month ago and its hardely been used since then its got a t3 turbo chiped.lookin 4 the same price as i put up b4 as she dont wont 2 sel the s1 so £2300






chers matty

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