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Went for a drive in the snow


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well it snowed a fair bit here last night, and today i had nothing to do so i decided to go find some deep snow and some fun roads in the derbyshire dales


i also came to the conclusion some people have absolutly no idea how to drive in the snow as i saw 2 crashes


one was a van who decided to lock up at the stop of a hill on a single track road and then continued to bounce off the high grass verge all the way down the hill


the 2nd was in a little village with speed humps one car slowed to go over the bumps the other didnt


took a few photos of the rallye in the snow and a pic of my neighbours m3 CSL *DREWLS*






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its time like this i cant wait to get the gt4 :) 4wd goodness :thumb: def better than fwd or rwd any day in this weather :)

ive been in one of the later model ones powersliding at around 50 in the wet, abolutely awesome, no wheelspin off the line, etc. :thumb:

aye the later model gt4s r awesome :) their handling is still 1 of the best even tho it started production in 94 :) will just be nice to have a car that doesnt mind wet or snow :thumb: sure k3v is having fun atm :roll:

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