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turbo steering wheel best offer over 25

gti wheels !95 ono

mk3.5 shell with glas lights tank doors boot bonnet rst kit and bumpers. £150 ono solid just got few small bubles on drivers door

mk4 fiesta white clock set can fit mk3 dash as i have it in one at the moment £50 ono

rs2k engine 71k with all bits manifolds downpipes alternator loom ecu from mk6 with pats and keys loom marked to fit any car. £300 ono

1.8 ib5 box £40 ono

cvh rad £25

black centre console

rs2k magnex decat £20 ono

escort boot carpet as new offersrs2k 4x4 gear change offers

mk6 dash paiinted abergine no headlamp adjuster offers

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