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Craziest video ever


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8o It scared me just watching it.It so easily could of ending up in an accident and to film it as well!!! You can tell from the roads it's in europe somewhere, that M5 was slow compared to the Audi!! It was only traffic that held the Audi up.Interesting vid...........but so so reckless! :censored:
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WoW  8o Me bein young and stupid find that amazing !! Really dangerous like everyone said but still seems cool as Fcuk to me !!


Yea harvez, i see where your coming from but it is stupid aint it. I mean thats coming from me lol, and i normaly don't give a damb. That does proove they can drive at high speed though and have control over their cars, although thats not an excuse to drive like that with so many people around!!

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You can tell from the roads it's in europe somewhere

I thought it was in the US? Maybe you're right though, there weren't any big rigs on the road.


Anyway - thing that stuck me was the road users drive even worse than over here! 8o :curse: Get out of the overtaking lanes FFS :kill:


BMW was choosing some better routes than the Audi! Lucky no-one moved over at the wrong time! :jaw:

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Unbelievable driving- not sure if it was skill or luck- but was insanely risky- and to do it for the amount of time. :kill: :devil:


But my god how quick was the Audi!!! Canned on the BMW. :thumb:


I drive on the motorway everyday, and I've seen some drivers do that but if they lost control at any minute, there would be one HUGE accident- so cool vid, but di*k heads. :O

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