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Front Fog Switch info please


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Like DK Red mk5 I'm midway thru doing my fogs. I gave up with the existing loom as I couldn't find out for certain where the relay goes in the existing fusebox. :nutter:


I've cut into the loom for the F/Fog switch and got a feed for the lights' relay and the illumination all OK, and the lights work fine but I can't get the indicator in the poxing switch to work. :curse:


It could be a duff switch, but as theres a 3rd pin (5th if u count the lighting feed & earth) I suspect it might bring a feed thru to make the warning lamp work. ?(


Would one of you nice chaps'chapesses with a multimeter and a few minutes to spare check this for me as I'd like to get the last bit done! :D :D :cheers: :cheers:


Muchas Grazious


The Cargy

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