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central locking


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i am in need of some help


i got home from work tonight and locked my car as usual , i went out about an hour later and the couldnt unlock it , the central locking has died and no doors ( except boot ) will open , all i get is a faint strained click like the battery is flat and its struggling to open


i have never had a problem like this and its strange how it can happen an hour after it was ok


i hope someone can shed light on this problem i have






my car is an escort si 1.8 1997 r-reg

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8) the auto data cd wasnt very free wiyh the information but basically from what i can make out it could be one of three things

1-bad earth in the system

2-a brake in the power wire or a short

3- or a faulty central locking motor

it could be any ofthese but is it a remote system if so its most probably that mate let me no if u have any joy if not i'll do some more research tomoz

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