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dodgy seller on this site


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i brought something off him months ago and he's just made excuses and i have never recieved it.

i mean its only £8 but its the principal that he wont pay me back.

i never muck my sellers about like this, infacxt ive sold him parts before with no problems, just be aware.






its principal mate, i aint happy that i gave you money ages ago and i got nothing to show for it.

you'd feel the same.

and i wont let up til i get it back either as its only right.

considering all the hastle i think you should give me the money out of your own pocket and then you can chase royal mail as ive been messed around enough.

you'd get angry too if you was mucked about like ive been.

its only £8 for christs sake just pay it back then there's no more worries either way.





After the last few PMs u have sent me acting like a right **** u think i am going to pay u money out of my own pocket for something that got lost in the post? How do i know it even did?! Nobody sends me messages like that now **** off.

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I know who he means, and its downright out of order to go on about this. I have bought loads of stuff off him and he is a great guy, always willing to help and generally good to do business with.


Bottom line is you never asked for the item to be insured, therefore you take that risk - it was lost in the Post and thats that, you can't ask him to pay you back for it! He has the receipt saying he sent it, so whats the darn problem?


If its not insured theres nowt you can do about it, so lay off his back and forget it. I'm sure you'll say its only £8 why won't he pay it back, well if its only £8 why do you care so much?


I'm not having go at you mate, cause I don't have a problem with you - just stating the facts. :)



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Who is it then??  ?(



yeah but who is it??!?!? :nutter:


indeed X(


Until RS2000mk5 or Arnold PM who we're on about i aint having random acusations been thrown about without a name to attatch it to so this can stay closed for now

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