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my car


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took me 3 hours 15 minutes to do. i even cleaned the windows inside to get rid of 2 sets of footprints off the window somebody left for me :vangry: :vangry: :P


also, looky at how clean the wheels are, since i got them, there has been shite collecting in the corners and ive never been bothered to clean them properly, today i spend about an hour getting them spotless, i tried everything but elbow grease was the best


ooh, a new addition was a leather steering wheel from K3v, cheers buddy :thumb:


had to higher it too cos i had a prob with tyre wear on the inside edges (isnt lower arms) so i highered it and seems to have sorted it.......





engine bay, i had a go at cleaning all the salt out of there so it looks 1000 times better although its still filthy lol




see how clean they are :D


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your not wrong.......the drivers door, wing and bonnett are a darker colour red in some light, thatll b sorted when i get a re-spray but its not high on the priority list yet, a few more goodies for the engine are....... :D


I was just having you on coz thats what everyone allways says when you post pics up ;)

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Cars lookin gorgeous there mate :thumb:  :thumb:

Must have taken you a while to get your wheels that clean?


took fookin ages, tried everything, the best thing was Mr muscle bathroom cleaner lol and a old rag, and they came up really well


:) oh ok don't wanna sound rude but how much were they


errrrrrrrrrr, dunno mate, was either 400 or 450!!!

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