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Cheap excellent condition wheels and tyres


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Rite peeps, got some 4 studded wheels and tyres up for sale and front grill.


Two of them (firestones) are brand new and never touched the road, I had to put them on to pass a MOT. One them has done 20 miles, this tyre was put on after I got a puncture. And the other one has only done 100 miles. Not really clear from the pics but as you can see they have LOADS of tread. The actual steels are in excellent condition. :thumb:


The tyres were on my old MK4 Escort, but I had the XR3i alloys so they were only used for the MOT. Found them in the garage this weekend. :rolleyes:


Perfect for passing an MOT or..... burnouts. :devil: If ya interested give me a PM. They would have to be collected. (I'm from Bournemouth). I'm looking for £40 (£10 a wheel and tyre- not bad ;) ) Cheers. :cheers:






ALSO, I've got a MK6 front honeycomb grill for sale- perfect condition. £5 and it's yours, and ya ain't gota worry about postage cause it's free (dad put it through his company :D ) Again PM me if ya interested.


I think the grill is called 'honeycomb' it looks like this one-



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