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PC parts - Watercooling etc!!!

Nick C

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Got loads of pc parts here, ram etc etc - so make me an offer on it all!


The main things of interest are the watercooling system,


It consists of a Eheim 1250 pump (very high flow rate), cost over £80 and has a lifetime warranty - awesome pump!


A Dtek Customs Heatercore costing over £100, with two large shrouds, and two 120mm fans on it pushing out 85cfm each - very quiet and very effective. All assembled!


A 0.1c/w waterblock custom made for me, (copper), comes fully lapped ready to fit! Tested and this was one of the best blocks you could buy with its special turbulence channels.


A Northbridge waterblock, copper again but this is powder coated in black and silver, looks the business! (Obviously the bottom is still copper lol)


A Graphics card Waterblock, same as Northbridge just bigger! This also comes with a Ati Radeon 8500 Video chip - as I accidentally ripped it off the card when removing this, will come off with some sandpaper, and pursuasion but I don't have the time!


The system ran my 3200+ CPU, with 2.1VCore, Overvolted Graphics card and Motherboard at around 45C CPU, on load! That was in a hot day...works very well when setup with the correct tubing and when bled correctly! There are also a few clips that come with it!


Cost me over £500 new, and looks awesome in any pc - Asking for £50, thats all! :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:


I also have 768MB of Crucial DDR CAS2 Memory, will run at 166Mhz no problems, cost me over £120 about two years ago, comes with special Anodised purple heatspreaders as well - offers.


Also have loads of spares, so just ask me! (Wireless mouse, etc, etc)


Cheers :thumb:

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Here are the pics, I also have as shown some new IDE cables (in black), and a 4 port ethernet hub - any offers will be considered.


To answer any questions I do not have paypal, but I will accept cheque or cash. Price does not include shipping, I estimate it around £10, and the system is an Inline system, so does not require a resevoir, which I prefer as it takes up less space. Also comes with all hose clips required, some Y pieces, and a T piece to bleed the system of air.



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