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my ash black 5dr


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i jus thought i'd show you all my motor, with a bit of history n Shite


i had this Civic VTi coupe (1.6 160bhp) before but my job was fuckin doin my head in so i quit and had to sell her cos of the insurance, group 15, with 6 points and bein 20 dont help.....






i miss her ;( ;( BUT.......i got £250 more than what i bought her for so now with no job, a bit of dosh and a bit of project in mind i bought my second scort....the 1.6 zetec (auto....for now)














So far:


Window tints, dark at the back normal smoke up front

Lockwood grilles (lower in my room....how lazy????? :innocent:

sprayed some dash parts ash black, new steerin wheel i'm thinkin of changin

lockwood white dials with black needles

sony headunit,front and rear speakers, amp+sub


To do.....


RS/GTi skirts n spats sittin in my room

RGM splitter sittin in my room

has the rubbish grey interior so i have black doorcards i'm sprayin up,

Alloys of some form..thinkin 16'' mondeo but its a bit common now

-40 Gmax susp. kit

i'm sprayin up some handles at the mo

bump strips might jus dissapear all together

mirrors need sprayin

A manual conversion at some point with same 1.6 engine


ALL thoughts and advice welcome good or bad jus speak ya mind n let me know what ya think, oh yeah had it since 8th July n paid £800 with 63,000 miles decent condition



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Not a bad start. That steering wheel is toss, put a 3 spoke Si one on. If buying an auto to conver to manual...why not buy a manual to save the hassel, can pick one up for same price. 15" or 16" Gti type alloys would look mint on this colour, who cares if they are common they look mint!


Keep up the modding! :thumb:

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I would, just seems wasted energy converting to manual. Just depends how lazy your left foot gets. Sometimes i wish mine was auto because after a long days graft my legs tend to get tired, yet most the time i dont need a clutch going up gears :P
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Well, i borrowed my parents 2.0L 16v crysler neon for a few days while my fiesta was being repaired. It was gutless to say the least but had kick down etc. it wasnt toooooo bad to be totally honest. I have also driven a saab 9000 turbo and that went like sh1t off a shovel even for a manual. Shame the head gasket went.

My college lecturer has a mk6 ghiaX which is auto and he says thats fairly quick. In my opinion i like to feel tha biting point because you have more control over the car. The new trucks at work are auto and are crap for fine menoveurs round the yard.

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