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good at mod'in? need ur help


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Little bit of background. I have a 1990 5dr mk4 escort. Im a single parent currently studyin. Have always been interested in modified cars,cruises,events an hope to be able to b worthy of my car bein featured one day. I hav in my opinion so far sorted out ice so far, but cant go further till my quest is done. ?(


At present im findin it quite difficult to find good places,sites an learnin experience to fully mod my escort myself. As studying, wud prefer to find good bits to do my car that wont take ages to save for (as wud neva b finished on time). Quite difficult to find alot of 'different' styles to mix an match for my own one of a kind.


I need all of ur help in places/sites can get cheaper than book price either discounted or second hand bits or maybe even full body kits(already tryin ebay). I do like things that r eye catchin but isnt somethin that can easily nicked from the car. Also any sites or books can get to help with more difficult parts ie moulding, sprayin, places to get equipment/paint for spray etc


Just startin on the easy parts of the engine ie learnin the basics of gettin to no engine,an learnin to change/repair, but must admit dont no what wud give best performance an wont put wallet/insurance thru the roof. Anythin that can help in that part of mod'in wud b very grateful for.


The reason y i am wantin to do myself is due to a lil bet i hav wid my bro. He as yet has no license (in my mind dont think he can drive anyway :roll: ) but is adament in his opinion that girls cant learn to mod cars an fit/mould/spray themselves. Im really wantin to do this cheaply,in best way i can an to also get this done b4 he gets his license as this is our bet. For me to at least get major changes/mods done b4 he passes.


Bearin in mind that there can b nothin in reach of lil un that he cud damage in the back of car. If u can help me in this lil quest to prove girls or rather i can b beta than my bro then wud b very grateful an can also pass al this info onto to others that may start off where i am now.


I hav total faith that peeps here can help, seem to no what u doin :D

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sounds like your on a mission there!


we supply brand new parts for alot of cars we have the following available for the mk4


FS10882 World Rally Car front bumper to fit with or without Rattlesnake

or Illusion /Cosworth kits

FS10883 World Rally Car style twin level rear boot aerofoil

FS10884 *Illusion front Cosworth style

FS10870 Rattlesnake 4 stage 2 body kit suitable for Turbo width wheels

(Excluding tailgate aerofoil)

FS10878 Cabriolet version - supply only

Aerofoils are available for these kits for separate purchase

FS10871 Twin level rear aerofoil (saloon)

FS10872 Cabriolet saloon aerofoil (similar to Esc MkV)

FS10873 *Cosworth style aerofoil (similar to orig. Sierra)

FS10874 High level Cosworth style (similar to Esc MkV Cosworth)

FS10875 High level tailgate - eyebrow

FS10876 As above but with twin brake lights

FS10880 RS Turbo arches and side skirts

FS10879 *RS Turbo front bumper + RS style skirt

FS10885 RS style side skirts 2 door (pr)

RS style side skirts 4 door (pr)

FS10881 *RS Turbo bonnet vents (pr) (cut in type)

ESC114 RS Turbo bonnet vents (pr) (fit genuine bonnet)

ESC113 RS Turbo bonnet vents (pr) stick on

FS10891 Front splitter (all models) Flat style

FS10892 90' spec front bumper

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Hi and welcome to Evo :cheers:


Tell your brother to look at my signature below, at the Fiesta (I haven't started on the Fiat, yet :) ) Most of the mods have all been my own work :D


I'll email him some better photos if he wants :thumb:


Girls, as well as lads, can modify, although admittedly a lot of girls get a lot of their boyfriends to mod the car for them and then the girl says look at how I've modifyed my car. Very fcuking annoying.


Always better to have a go yourself. If you're not sure, then go to the scrapyard, look for the same type of car and start taking bits off, etc. That's the best way to learn :)


Regular trips to the scrapyard are always worthwhile too, as breakers often come in with bodykits, etc still on them. It's always first come, first served.


By the way, if you haven't guessed, I'm also female and I'm also a single parent :)

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