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Could somebody help me?


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?( i'm so lost.

Purchased a not so perfect mk5.

No panel on the fuse box etc under steering wheel.

Have no idea what fuse does what...Don't have a manual and don't have the money to buy one atm.

The brake lights have stopped working on both sides...Do they run on a seperate fuse? or am i looking at a wiring problem? I've done the obvious like, clean connectors..checked the bulbs..i'm a car newb without a manual!!!

Can someone please be nice enough to help me out :)

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I don't know which fuse does what on an Escort, but the easiest way to check if any have blown, without a manual, etc, is to pull each fuse out one by one to check which one may have blown :)


If you find they are all ok, then it could be your brake light switch that's stopped working. If you look right up at the top of the brake pedal, it's sort of screwed/pushed into the top of the pedal.

It has a plunger on it which goes in and out when you press and release the brake pedal. Check the plunger is going in and out ok.

Also check the electrical connection on it and give it a clean. If you need a new one, I think they are only about £5/£10.

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:thumb: Thanx ppl for the help... :D




Checked all fuses...well the ones that are there (sum empty spaces). None have blown (did find out wot sum did tho :) ). Checked the plunger thingy at top of break pedal, it appears to be working fine. Checked all connecters and earths connections in the boot. All good...even tracked cable thru the car...no wear on it at all...now i'm real stumped!! :nutter:


However...there seems to be sum electrical problems with the car. Examples are : While the engine is running, central locking cannot be put on...if it is, the engine cuts out..is this normal? Also, to disable the engine the car has to be stalled in sum way. Electric windows work with the keys in your hand.


I can see that the car was stolen at sum point but i asked the previous owner about it, he hadn't had it long, he brought the car in the condition it was in and knew nothing about it. I don't want to spend out bundles for an electrician to tell me it was something basic that i could have done myself. :)


Thank you in advance :D

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:D Yay!!


Thanks for the input..i found the problem...it was to do with the plunger thingy and how it was positioned...i sorted it and the brake lights now work...filled in sum of the fuse gaps to ...now my cigarette lighter works too :D


Have to investigate the other problems..

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