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Escort GTI Speakers


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Afternoon All,


Im sure this question has been asked a million times but hey...


Are there any decent speakers avalible that will directly replace the standard speakers in a mrk 6 escort gti ?


I wanna replace the standard ones as they are a bit poo.. but at the moment I still have the standard ford head unit..


Anyone know ?





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There are loads of different speakers to fit a GTi. For the front speakers you need to buy an adapter from Autoleads (Halfords sell them for about £17) and then you can fit any 16.5cm speaker you want.


Best makes to go for are....





Rockford Fosgate


You can also go for Kenwood, Pioneer or Sony, but the top ones are best in my humble yet fantastic opinion :D


Coaxial speakers will fit straight into your door with the adapter plate but if you wanna be a bit fancy then get component speakers and mount the tweeter somewhere so it looks Gucci like on the A-pillar :thumb:



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