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my car wont start?????? fuel prob maybe??


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lo all, i have a mk5 escort xr3i 1.8i on friday it started and drove well but i went to start it today and i am not getting the usual whirring noise one would expect to hear from a vehicle with injection. i have tried and checked the fuses and also the relay but for the life of me i cannot get the bloody thing started.


I have read in the manual that the fuel pump is situated together with the sender unit on the top of the fule tank (which requires removing befor access to the pump and sender unit is accessible)


is this the case or is there some other way of getting to it or even getting enough space to it to give it a good wollop??


The pump as far as i am aware is an uprated rs pump which was fitted approx 2 - 3 years ago and was onlt fitted just prior to the vehicle going of the road. i realise that the pump could have seized as the car was standing for a while but i would think that if the pump was gonna seize it would have done so and not started b4 and now suddenly seize??



any ideas people




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lift the back seats up to give it a wolop.


But to check if the car is getting fuel, on the fuel rail there a car valve fitting there and when pressed fuel should squirt out all the time when pressed, if the car is getting fuel.


also, get someone to spray brake cleaner down the throttle body at a SHORT! spray and keep doing short sprays of it and see if the car starts, if it does then it means there is a fuel problem :).

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ok, i ran a direct line from the battery to the fuel pump live and ground, the pump whirred....... woo-hoo, then i started me car and drove it home. but wait theres more................. when i got home i turned her off thinking all was well but when i returned couple of hours later and tried to start her she wouldnt go i tried the direct line from battery again but this time it aint working. SO the question of the day is........................ Why the hell did it work the once not again? does this mean the pumps ok but the wiring is bolloxed?? HELP pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
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OK all i have worked out what the problem is. the plug which connects onto the pump under the rear seats the conections within the plug keep coming apart so when the plug is on contact is not being made properly so it is arcing and burning out the plug i have closed the connections but they keep coming open but at least untill i get a new plug for it i can fix it if it does play up.


thank you all for your help

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ther is a safty cut off on the circuit too.

incase of an accident or anything it stops power to fuel punp so as it cant pump to engine.

there shud be a reset button somewhere in car, i dont no where it is on an escort but is normally behind the stereo.

if u can locate it it'll only take a sec and well worth a go.


glad its sorted, didn't read last post ... lol

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