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Battery Light / Temp Gauge / Window / Boot Release

Richie Rich

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lol - As you can see my title kinda says it all. I have a few problems.


Any help on any of these problems would be great.


1 - I was doing a service on my car on sunday, and whilst I was under the car I noticed a cable connector hanging down. I traced it back and found there was a connector which looked like it 'married' up to it. So I plugged it in and carried on with the service. After my service I took the car for a spin to see how my handy work faired - no to good it would seem.

The dash reads the following when I drive the car at anytime, even from cold.



(Temp gauge right up and battery light on constantly)


When you disconnect the said connection (picture below) It seems the battery light goes off, but he temp still goes sky high and the car runs like crap.

This connector can be found at the front on your engine on the right handside just infront of the airbox.



Do any of you guys with a GTi have this connector connected or disconnected?

The reason I ask is because a few weeks back my clutch was changed, and maybe this plug was always unplugged or maybe it was plugged in but the mechanic forgot to reconnect it???


Im lost!


2 - My car seems to have dead spots or at times it really struggles to speed up, it feels as if it has the wrong mixture of fuel and air. Also the revs sometimes stay high after the car has stopped and is out of gear (so i look like an idiot at roundabouts!). I was told the air flow metre may need replacing.

Whilst the car was running I disconnected the air flow metre and the car ran the same, so im guessing this is faulty? There was no change in revs or anything, just exactly the same as if it didnt matter whether it was connected or not.

I am sure the air flow metre is the below picture, is that right??



(Air flow metre??)


I have been told before that it may be the idle control valve, but this has been cleaned by my mechanic twice, but I am unsure.


3 - Intermittantly my driver side window will not work, and my boot release too. I have a clifford alarm installed with a boot release button on the key fob, this does not work also (when the button doesnt work too) Could this simply be a switch/button problem within the car? Would this also block the fob from working if the switch/button in the car was playing up?


Sorry for the long post, I hope you guys can help!




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The connector near the airbox on my GTi has always been disconnected since I got the car (about 6 years now). Think from reading some of the other threads its a diagnostic connector of some sorts.


My clifford is wired to the boot switch under the gear lever, so it will only work when the switch does (i.e. not when the engine is running). My drivers side window has problems now and again but I found one of the pins in the multi-plug was knackered at some point so it doesn't make contact all the time.

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