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BlairM's car history!


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All the cars I have driven or used have been Fords so far, in 4 years of drivings I've had 4 different Fords.



First was a K reg 1.4 Freestyle Mk3 Fiesta with a leaky sunroof. So that was siliconed up! This pic is of me on my 17th birthday going out for a drive with my oldest brother - L plates lol!


Excuse the quality. It's a pic of a pic!





I shared the Fiesta with my mum and in the April of 2003 after much persuasion managed to get her to 'splash' out on an N reg 1.4 Encore Escort. It was an OK car but probably the worst of the bunch I've driven. It felt slow after having a 1.4 Fiesta.










After having had a job for nearly a year I'd saved enough to go and buy a 1.6 Finesse on an S plate, it had 52k on the clock, was Panther Black, and to me at first felt a reasonably quick car. The Zetec power was like night and day with the old 1.4 engines. My mum still kept the other Escort until 05 regs came out and she bought a new Fiesta.


The morning after I picked her up!




With the new alloys on I bought in September 2004.






The night someone came and bought her off me.. (back on standard wheels).







And in the pic above the Fiesta Zetec S TDCi I bought from Ford in August 2005.



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