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parcel Shelf modifications


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Ok I got a new (well nice condition second hand obviously) parcel shelf that seems a lot darker in colour and matches my interior much better than the bluey sagging shelf I did have.


however - ive noticed that a slight movement in the back seats when someone sits in them usually pushed the shelf out of its fixing slots, and the side shelf support parts of the trim could do with coming into the car a little more. No doubt with a brand new parcel shelf this wouldnt have been a problem - but over time I assume these shelves shrink a little and warp and hence the problems.


is there a way of swopping the support trim rubbers on each side for 'somthing' that juts out a little into the boot to provide the shelf with a little extra support? Just thinking of ways to illiminate that inevitable squeeking and wrattling only the shelf does.

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i hadthis problem when i had 6x9 in teh shelf.cured it with cable ties! 8o

where the two rubber pegs sit in the slot, drill a hole big enough for a cable tie to fit through.the hole should be vertical.

then feed the cable tie through but dont tie it yet.slot the parcel shelf into place and do the cable ties up.they are hihdden away,dont rattle or anything but have to be cut off if you need to remove the shelf.unless you use re-useable ones........


hope that helps 8)

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