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Mk5 Mk6 RS2000 Alloys,Skirts,Bumpers


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RS2000 Disc beam fully complete ready to fit Mk5 escort or Mk6 if you use Mk6 RS handbrake cable not included £145 delivered


Pair of RS2000 260mm front brake setups good calipers,carriers,discs and pads lots of life £65pair fit any Mk5 Mk6 Escort & Mk3 Fiesta


Mk5 RS2000 Alloys need paint or refurb due to peeling laquer but still good rims no damage ie dents or chunks missing.Complete with 4 centre caps £50 with no tyres or £100 with 4 part worn but legal tyres 6mm tread


Mk6 RS2000 Alloys with 4 excellent tyres and centre caps very good condition few little marks only £130


RS2000 Exhaust Manifold with EGR still fitted £45 good flange


RS2000 mk5b Rear Spats £30pair genuine ford or £45 on Mk5b Bumper grey or silver


RS2000 Mk5 sideskirts £30pair black,blue or white


Mk5b/MK6 Sideskirts RS but gti style need some work ie scuffed in places.1 skirts has had the jacking cover smothed in and the other is standard but only has 1 cover £35pair and they are genuine ford GRAB A BARGAIN


Mk5 RS2000 Front Bumper inc fogs and indicators white,silver or grey £45


Mk5 RS2000 Headlights and sidelights £50set


Mk5 Mk6 RS2000 6 Speed wiper/indicator stalk £15inc relay


RS2000 Maplight with 2 small lights £8 inc relay


Mk5 RS2000 Dash Cluster £5


RS2000 Mk5 door cards £15set


Standard zetec or RS Exhuast system £25 lots available some as new


Lots lots more

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Mk5b skirts sold
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clear indi's received cheers mate


couldnt give me pointers on gettin the old 1's out?

keep chipppin the hell out of em but they dont wanna come outs, gay things, (i can convert to turbo/build up cars from shells etc etc but cant get fookin indicators out of a bumper :curse: )

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lol ok mate along top edge if you look between the indicator and the bumper about in the middle of the light there is a thin lug put a small screw driver in and pop it up.If that does not work but your hand underneath to the back of them and on the top edge you can feel the clip aswell
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front brakes sold
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