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Damn Ice

Big Ells

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My car was involved in an accedent without me ;(

Well not so f'd up as u would think, came home at a bout 8.30 this morning, and the council hasent gritted any of the residental area (arses) so i was comming down this big hill where about half way down i have to turn into my close, the car was sliding all over the place so i though stuff it and parked my car on the side with the wheels facing in and walked to my house.


Any way at 9.30 my dad came home, and having a rally car he car drive to the house, he asked me if i knew i had hit a car, i was like no and though he was taking the pi$$, any way went to see the car, it had slid down the hill into the back of one of my neigbours porsch 911.


The front bumper is a bit scuffed and pushed back and the toeing eye has come through the bumper, the grill is all bent, the brackets holding the lights are all broken, and the bonnet is craked, and bowed, the only damage to his car is slight scuffing and a little golf ball dent.



Heres some pics




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can i sue the council, people keep telling me to, but can i, didnt think i could 


Is it a main road or a bus route? has that road ever been gritted in the past? cuz i wud think councils obligation is to grit main roads and bus routes, tis all they do around here anyway :upyours:


obviously though u dont wanna be claiming on your insurance and you did everything right for parking on a hill so its a tricky one. What has the guy in the porshe said about his damage??

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