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Hey i fond astras website!!


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Ow wow, i've been going about my modding all wrong, imagine spending money on parts, no wounder the nova boys are always getting all the concil estate slags, with their "bin bags" and "three spokes diy hub cabs."




K-wality, seen it before, but it gets better every time, maybe we should try doing this one of these weeks, and producing some results and see who can make theirs the best / worst....................


Lee gets points deducted cause he owns a Vauxhaul and lets face facts, they automaticially double your score on the "shonky motor scale."


BTW Lee, lets face facts, if it gets you from a to b, and doesn't let you down too much, it does the job don't it! God know I wish my car was a Cossie....................... but it ain't! ;(

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